Cooper M+S Rally Tires


Asymmetric rally tire designed for both 2WD and 4WD applications.

Available in multiple sizes and compounds.

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Cooper Tire’s M+S rally tire is designed for both 2WD and 4WD applications.  This globally recognized product features an asymmetrical tread design allowing for easy rotation to extend the life of the product.

Available in multiple sizes and compounds to provide ultimate traction and grip based on ambient temperature and course conditions.  State of the art reinforced sidewall design offers increased puncture resistance during the toughest of running conditions.

Compound / ambient temperature range:

  • Soft:  14 – 68 ⁰F  (-10 – 20 ⁰C), slightly damp conditions
  • Medium:  50 – 77 ⁰F  (10 – 25 ⁰C)
  • Hard:  59 – 104 ⁰F  (15 – 40 ⁰C), long abrasive stages

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