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Cooper Rallycross tire

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Designed and built using the latest technology, materials and proven compounds for Rallycross they utilize a full depth tread gauge and a non-directional tread pattern which can be easily modified by hand cutting to create Full Wet tread patterns for adverse conditions.

  • Multi Championship winning tire
  • Specifically designed for modern day Rallycross cars
  • Available in sizes to suit all classes in Rallycross Championships Worldwide
  • Ultimate start-line traction
  • Non Directional Tread pattern
  • Easily modified for Wet use

Spec tire for ARX

  • ARX  225/640-17  Spec #14572M
  • ARX2 205/620-17 Spec #15588M
Tire sizeService IndexRim choiceRim usedMeasured atDiameterSectionTreadRevolutions
195/580-157.0 - 8.0727.01.923.636008.582188.07205853530
215/580-157.0 - 8.0827.01.923.475969.212348.70221859534
195/580-167.0 - 8.0727.01.923.906078.032047.83199844524
215/580-167.0 - 8.0827.01.923.736038.862258.54217850528
205/620-177.0 - 8.0827.01.924.406209.252358.66220827514
225/640-177.0 - 8.0827.01.925.166399.452408.86225802498
225/640-187.0 - 8.0827.01.925.396459.062308.86225794494

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